America is Now a Nation of Pussies!

The Pussification of America

The United States of America was once home to the brave but has officially become a nation of pussies. American society has lost touch with reality and primarily consists of entitled people who feel they can act as they want with repercussions. How did America become a nation of pussies? It began with participation trophies!

The pussification of America began with the golden age of the participation trophy known as the 1990s. Participation trophies have existed since the 1920s but went all the rage during the 1990s with the explosion of pay-to-play sports.

Little Jimmy’s mom and dad paid a youth baseball league for Jimmy to play baseball, but Jimmy sucked at baseball. Jimmy couldn’t field, throw, hit or run, but he was a winner because he participated in playing the game of baseball. Little Jimmy was a member of Generation Y, Gen Y, better known as a Millennials. Little Jimmy procreated and is now the proud father of a Generation Z member.

Millennial Jimmy taught his child that everyone is a winner, intelligent, and physically attractive. Millennial Jimmy taught his child that feelings are more important than facts and that those who disagree with truth and fact are racist, sexist, toxic, and full of hatred.

The truth and reality are that everyone is not a winner, is not intelligent, and is not physically attractive. Don’t say that to Generation Z, and it’s because of Millennials. Millennials are why Generation Z acts and thinks the way they do and why the United States is a laughingstock to most of the world.

Society shuns masculinity and considers masculinity to be toxic. Society is brainwashing the boys of today, who will become the men of tomorrow, into believing that being stoic, virile, strong, and dominant is bad when those traits are present in the DNA of the male species.

Millennials are doing a great job raising a generation of soft-spoken, overly emotional, and soft men of tomorrow who will believe that men and women are equals because opinion is more important than fact. I would love to think that the absurdity and disconnection from reality will halt. Still, it won’t and will only worsen as Generation Alpha ensures the pussification of America continues.

The societal norm will be children who choose their gender, and referring to anyone by not using the proper pronoun will be a hate crime and punishable by law. Women will believe they are equal to men and that there is no difference between men and women. Facts based on science will not be as important as opinions. Anyone who prefers fact over opinion will be shunned and viewed as abnormal.

America is officially the nation of pussies, and the pussification of America will continue until society collapses. It’s unfortunate, but the only silver lining is that I’ll be six feet under by the time it happens.

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