Men Prefer Women With Few Sexual Partners

Body Count Matters!

Unless you live under a rock, you should know the definition of body count. If you happen to live under a rock, the definition of body count is the number of sexual partners a person has had. You will not like this post if you’re a woman with a high body count. I don’t care about your feelings, but you should care about your body count unless you’re extremely attractive and can clutch onto a simp.

I’m going to give you high-body-count women a red pill to ingest, and you won’t like the unsettling truth, but it is true whether you like it or not.   The cold hard truth is men truly care about the number of sexual partners a woman has had, and to us, non-simps, a determining factor as to whether or not we want to enter into a serious relationship with that woman.

Why do men care about a woman’s body count? The simplest explanation is that men are territorial creatures, and a man who is serious about a woman considers that woman to be his. Don’t get your panties in a bunch because it’s the same with women, and stating so doesn’t make me a sexist. “He’s my boyfriend” or “She’s my girlfriend” means that both agree that one belongs to the other.

I wholeheartedly agree that it’s a double standard many women feel is unfair, but it’s not an unfair double standard. Men seek women they find attractive who are thoughtful, loving, caring, and loyal. Above all else, men want women who have self-respect, and men correlate a woman’s self-respect to their number of sexual partners.

Men feel that women who go out and have intercourse with random men have no self-respect. A man doesn’t want a woman who has allowed man after man to run through her. A man doesn’t want the mother of his children to be a reformed slut or born-again virgin. No man wants to see his child pass through his woman’s legs and think about how many men were between them.

An average-looking or ugly woman who wants to get laid can go out and easily find a man who will have no issue having sex with her, whereas an ugly, average-looking, or even a man who most women would find attractive won’t.  Stating this doesn’t make me sexist, but a person who lives in reality. It’s much more difficult for a man to find a woman to have sex with than it is for a woman, and if you’re a woman who doesn’t agree, you’re delusional.

If the above is true, why do most men have higher body counts than women? The answer is because of women who have no self-respect.  An easy woman is like blood in the water to sharks. If a guy comes across a woman who easily spreads her legs, rest assured every one of his friends will know, attempt to do the same, and some will be successful.

So what is considered to be a high body count for women? Women who have had ten or more sexual partners before marriage are the most likely to get divorced, and women who have had zero to one sexual partner before marriage are the least likely to divorce. Not to say that a woman who has more than ten sexual partners before marriage cannot have a successful marriage, but it does make it unlikely. The sweet spot for a successful marriage is between three and nine sexual partners for a woman before marriage, but I’ve yet to come across a study where the age of the married couple is a factor in the study.

It may be a bitter red pill swallow, ladies, but it’s true. Body count matters to men and should matter to you if you want to settle down and get married one day.

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